Dear users

It gives us a great pleasure to introduce you to our project web site „Integrated coastal zone management“.

The idea for starting the web site came up in order that all project's stakeholders and all other potential users could get the informations related to our project on one place.

All documents, reports, studies, articles directly or indirectly related to the project will be available here.

Different event's announcements related to the Project and organised by GTZ ore some other institutions will also be presented on our link.

In order to approach the link to our readers, all suggestions and comments are very welcome.

Project team:

  • Ulrich Künzel, project manager
  • Sanja SiÅ¡ul Jurković, project coordinator
  • Annika Schönfeld, junior expert
  • Irena Horak, project coordinator
  • Debora Lehmann, project assistent


Recent documents

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